Our Company

The Bobolas Company was founded in 1970 with headquarters in the city of Larissa by Ioannis Bobolas, with the aim of designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative and easy to use agricultural machines.

The company specializes since the beginning in the production of irrigation systems as the Rampa Bobolas and then to Drip Bobolas, produced with great success both on the greek and internationally, thanks to the high performance and duration that characterizes them, as also for the saving of water and energy that they get.

The company, after a very impressive growth, employing up to 40 employees, is able to record a number of patents and obtained awards in various Greek and international trade of agricultural machinery. Even in the year 1986, our company has been awarded the Gold Medal Award by the World Organization for Progress and Culture for his contribution to research in technology and science.

Deeply convinced of the need to protect the environment, now and then we continue to design and manufacture products as compatible as possible with the environment, using 100% recyclable materials.

Patents and awards